Ladies’ Bible Study 9.4.18

Tonight we met for some appetizers and a wonderful pineapple cream cake. We had a very nice time of fellowship and then began our Bible study on the very last Beatitude.

Read Matthew 5:3-9
Read Matthew 5:10-12
“The Christian life is . . . full of strange paradoxes . . .
Rejoice . . . mourn . . . , satisfaction . . . yearning . . . ., singing . . . groan[ing] . . .  His experience is often painful and perplexing, yet would he not part with it for all the gold in the world. These puzzling paradoxes are among the evidences . . . that he is indeed blessed of God! . . . Genuine felicity, then, is not only compatible with but is actually accompanied by manifold miseries in this life.” (An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount, Arthur W. Pink, Baker Book House, 39) “It is a strong proof of human depravity that men’s curses and Christ’s blessings should meet on the same persons.” (Pink quotes Andrew Fuller, 39)

Jesus gave us full disclosure in this last Beatitude. He wanted us to know that we would face trials and tribulations and persecutions, and that when bad things happen, it is not because we have done something wrong. Many times, when we are doing the right things and serving God with all our hearts, we come under attack of the enemies of God. Here are more scriptures to ponder.

2 Timothy 3:10-17
1 John 3:10-13
1 Peter 4:12-19
John 15:18-16:4, 33
Hebrews 13:20-21 This reminded us of Pastor Bill’s sermon from Sunday when he said, “God’s goals for us are to give us peace, guidance, protection, forgiveness of sins, and a life of meaning and significance.”
Romans 5:1-5

Then we noticed a beautiful sunset! We stopped for a moment to go enjoy it. 🙂

Philippians 4:4
Acts 16:16-34 Paul and Silas gave us a perfect example of rejoicing despite tribulation, and God turned it around to be an amazing story of redemption and salvation.

“great is your reward in heaven.” Here are some of the promises God has given us regarding our reward.
2 Timothy 4:8
James 1:12
I Peter 5:4
Revelation 2:10
John 14:1-3

“For so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”
Many examples can be found in the Old Testament. Here are a few:
Elijah (I Kings 17:1; 18, 19:1-18)
Michaiah (2 Chronicles 18:1-26)
Jeremiah (Jeremiah 15:10, 18:18, 20:1-2, Jeremiah 26:8-9, etc.)
Urijah (Jeremeiah 26:20-23)

As a happy ending we looked at this final passage!
Romans 8:18, 28-39 Verse 28 in particular reminds us of the story from Acts 16 about Paul and Silas. God is so good!

The Beacon September 2018

Thank you so much for praying! We are updating our youth ministries at Beacon. We are going to have a more in-depth Bible study for the older youth and implement different games and unstructured free time for them to hang out and socialize. We also have some great events planned for all of our youth. Please pray that these changes will be effective to better minister to our young people and provide the opportunity for outreach, as well. For upcoming events and ministry updates, check out the calendar.

Please also continue prayers for our Job Corps ministry and for the new believers currently in discipleship. Please pray for our students headed back to school & college!

We had a lovely picnic in August.  Many more people came to the picnic, but they didn’t make the photos . . . . After sunset, we were able to see four planets (Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus) and several constellations! 

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