The Beacon July 2018

We have a special miracle to share with you. We call it a miracle because we really believe God gave this rainbow to us! Our Wednesday evening Bible study has been focused on the book of Genesis for a while. On June 20, we studied Genesis Chapter Nine. Naturally, we covered rainbows as God’s sign to us that He keeps His promises. After our time of prayer, we dismissed, and some began to filter out. Suddenly we heard some teens shouting,

“RAINBOW!!!!   IT’S    A     R-A-I-N-B-O-W!!!!!”

These photos do not do justice the magnificent display of God’s faithfulness that He gave to us that evening. He also gave us a beautiful sunset to enjoy!
Thanks for praying for our planning meeting. We now have church events planned through January. 🙂

Please pray for VBS July 23-27!!!!

Here are photos from our Fantastic Friday Finale. The whole church came out for a cookout, campfire devotion and singalong. After some yummy s’mores, we went inside for the race. Then the kids and a few brave adults camped out and had breakfast together. It was a great night of fellowship and fun!

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